Why does a room need a focal point?

You may have heard or read somewhere that every room needs a focal point. Why do you ask? Is this so that your room looks like something out of a magazine?  I have to admit that for the longest time I believed this.  I decided to see if I could explain this concept in a way that meant something to me.  I believe in creating a home that adds quality to your life not just decorating a beautiful room.

A focal point in a room such as a fireplace in a living room or a bed in a bedroom help to determine a room’s purpose.  If a room does not have any purpose it becomes a room not used by your family or a place to store junk.  The focal point helps to make the room feel more inviting and comfortable. It grounds the room and gives it personality. The focal point should be the first thing that you eye goes to when entering the room.  If the focal point is attractive it makes the experience more memorable which makes you want to use the room more.

When planning a room’s redesign the first thing you should do is determine what the function of the room is. This will help you to determine what the focal points should be.


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