Modern Beachhouse Bedroom

I am already thinking of the beach, sun, sand.  It has been a long winter.  I can’t wait to update my home with spring & summer accessories.

1.  Pillow from

2.  Pillow from

3.  Dresser

4. Picture

Source: via Christine on Pinterest

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Modern Farmhouse Lighting

Here is some lighting inspiration to add that modern classic element to your space….

Suppliers from top left to right bottom:

1.Framed Linen Shade Lantern – $299.00
2.Regina Andrew Brushed Nickel Patterned Fixture
3.St. Charles Large by Jamie Young – $180.20
4.Ivanhoe Industrial Porcelain Pendant -$159.00

5.Copper/Crystal Pendant Chandelier – $146.69

6.Tenley Large Bronze Iron/Glass Faceted Pendant


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Modern Farmhouse Style

I love the mix of classic old and new items mixed together to create a warm, bright and refreshing home. The new modern farmhouse style is not frilly and cutesy. There are no rules just using what you love. Mixing old with new can never be boring!

Dreamy Whites eclectic dining room
Concord Green Home traditional entry

traditional entry design by new york architect Crisp Architects

Crisp Architects traditional entry

Lafayette Residence Two traditional living room

Kitchen traditional kitchen

Master Bedroom traditional bedroom
Sarahs Houses Photos - Sarahs House: Season 3 | Facebook

Rustic Planter in Coco  indoor pots and planters

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Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood adds warmth, character and looks beautiful when mixed with glass and stone.  I like the thought of injecting some history into a new home as a lot of reclaimed lumber is repurposed from barns, factories and warehouses.

Bedford, NH Farmhouse Kitchen traditional kitchen

Mill Valley contemporary dining room

Mill Valley contemporary bathroom
Derby Hill Farm Lyme NH traditional entry
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Painting Tip

If you want to highlight your trim in a room you might try painting it a shade darker than the walls. In this picture the walls are Benjamin Moore Summer Shower 2135-60 and the door trim is Deep Silver 2121-60.

Source: via  Pinterest

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Painted Accents

I love the green painted trim around the window in this kitchen.  It ties in with the other accents scattered around the kitchen. Remember, to have a cohesive look you only have to tie the accent colour in three times in the room.

Katie Ridder Rooms contemporary kitchen

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Cozy Rooms with Personality

These rooms are cozy and inviting yet functionable. Arranging the furniture around a fireplace invites you to come in, sit down, relax and enjoy the fire.

Heather Garrett Design contemporary living room
Bella Fiore traditional family room
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Why does a room need a focal point?

You may have heard or read somewhere that every room needs a focal point. Why do you ask? Is this so that your room looks like something out of a magazine?  I have to admit that for the longest time I believed this.  I decided to see if I could explain this concept in a way that meant something to me.  I believe in creating a home that adds quality to your life not just decorating a beautiful room.

A focal point in a room such as a fireplace in a living room or a bed in a bedroom help to determine a room’s purpose.  If a room does not have any purpose it becomes a room not used by your family or a place to store junk.  The focal point helps to make the room feel more inviting and comfortable. It grounds the room and gives it personality. The focal point should be the first thing that you eye goes to when entering the room.  If the focal point is attractive it makes the experience more memorable which makes you want to use the room more.

When planning a room’s redesign the first thing you should do is determine what the function of the room is. This will help you to determine what the focal points should be.

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Dill Pickle Green

We finally finished my youngest son’s room.  He wanted to pick the paint colour and was very determined to have dill pickle green.  The paint we used was Martha Stewart’s Dill.  It is a little bright for me but he loves it.  My husband worked very hard this fall building his bed and it turned out beautifully. We also replaced the lineoleum floor with a rich brown laminate flooring.

Room After

Room After


Henry the Kitten

Owl Love

Room Before

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A Hallway Update

This homeowners’ hallway was updated recently as they are selling their home.  They contacted me to help them choose paint colours for their home to neutralize and freshen up their rooms.  The paint colour I chose for the hallway was Benjamin Moore’s CC490 Stone Hearth.  It helped to neutralize the colour of their living room that could be seen from the front door.  The homeowner had recently painted their living & dining room combination a nice fresh green.  The spindles on the stairs were painted white and the railing was stained dark to match the recently stained steps.  The hallway is now is updated and modernized.

If you need assistance adding wow factor to your home or neutralize your rooms for selling I would be happy to assist you.  You can email me at


Hallway After


Upstairs Hallway After


Living & dining room

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